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Billy: But Regardless of these facts doctors, veterinarians, politicians and Some others in cost, are still vehemently denying this BSE epidemic, rather cattle insanity, or scrapie as it known as with sheep, is usually transmitted to human beings.

Billy: You, as well as Ptaah and Semjase, the moment played the Peculiar buzzing Appears in the Earth to me by means of your apparatuses, which I am unable to understand in mother nature, unfortunately, mainly because my hearing senses usually are not so sensitive which i could listen to these Seems, which need to very properly be probable for Others, nevertheless, as you've stated...The resources of such Appears are really diverse..

Billy: So a single must speak nearly of no less than three different big predatory dinosaurs, and To make sure, of the Tyrannosaurus rex, of the Tyrannosaurus Gigantus, and with the Tyranno-Titanosaurus Emperor, as I now get in touch with the critters.

Billy: …If I'm suitable, you spelled out that the volcanic eruptions there occurred by elemental electrical power and resembled tremendous explosions that hurl out their ejection product like atomic bomb mushrooms, whereby some would access heights of nearly 180 kilometers.

Due to the continuous increase in corroboration of Meier's data, These are just remaining inserted in to the compilation in no particular get, i.

Meier's prophetic and predictive information and facts is being corroborated at an ever-escalating level and I recommend examining TheyFlyBlog for regular updates.

"NASA's Phoenix spacecraft has detected the presence of the chemically reactive salt inside the Martian soil, a getting that if confirmed could enable it to be much less pleasant to likely everyday living than after thought."

"The most stunning discoveries of the Voyager 1 mission have been the violent volcanoes of Jupiter's moon Io. 'This was seriously further than our creativeness,' remembers Dr. Ed Stone, Voyager undertaking scientist. It absolutely was The very first time active volcanoes were viewed on another physique while in the solar program."

Ptaah: This is admittedly the situation in the next occasion mainly because honestly, the main quake in Los Angeles will induce One more 1 far-off. This 1, subsequently, will bring about A further a single and so on. The origin of the primary tremblor will never stem from organic results in simply because, in reality, male of Earth must be blamed for it.

"As just about every Bible college student knows, the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah were being wrecked by fireplace and brimstone in retribution for sin. Now two British geologists say their exploration suggests it was an earthquake - and Good deal's spouse wasn't seriously was a pillar of salt."/p>

Semjase: Of course, absolutely sure. The small moon pointed out by Quetzal and you truly was, at a really early time, a comet, which was pressured with the Earth Jupiter into an orbit all around it and which was then basically torn away from the Destroyer and brought over a millennia-extensive program that may deliver it back again to Jupiter while in the 12 months 1994, amongst the 10th and twenty fifth of July.

Here is an report that provides some foodstuff for believed for individuals who are obtaining issues with the Main claim inside the Billy Clicking Here Meier case, i.e. that he is Conference with, and getting information from, the extraterrestrial Plejaren human beings.

Billy: …Additionally you instructed me which the moon, which I designated as a massive hen egg, is only about two hundred kilometers in duration. I believe it had been another moon of Jupiter, whose identify I now not keep in mind..

The remaining Portion of the entire destruction was brought on by the megalomaniac and insane God of your Hebrews, an extraterrestrial who experienced his headquarters deep under the pyramid of Giza.

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